Bruits de Coulisses (English version)

aff. 42x60 Bruits de coulissesHow would the audience feel if they could look behind the scenes ? If they really were backstage ! Exactly into the space where the artists reveal their intimacy when changing their clothes.

Thanks to «  Bruits de Coulisses «  you will be carried away in the heart of the Baroque era and witness a most unlikely show. Aerial acts in gold covered  dresses will blow your mind. Fantasy and schoolboy jokes intertwine and merge. You will shiver with pleasure at the sight of some minuet dancing on a tightrope in a most funny and off the wall mood.

In fact, you will look through a key hole on a circus performance whose stunning technical skill cannot be hidden whatsoever.

The P’tits Bras – with your help – will be preparing the staging elements of an awesome performance.

Silence now, and let the curtain rise !